How to Find the Best Time of Year for Home Renovations

Many people plan to have home remodeling work done at those times of year when it’s easier to be out of the house or while school and work schedules are less hectic, such as spring or summer. Good weather means that dinners can be cooked on the grill while the kitchen is being redone or a sunroom can serve as a living room while the main room is being remodeled.

For some this might be fine, but for those of us who want to get the best deal, there might be some great reasons to do your remodeling at other times.

How timing can affect your home remodel project

There are more things to consider when timing your home remodeling project, though, depending upon where you live, your budget, and the nature of your project. Here are a few things to keep in mind that help you save time and money:

  • Supply and demand: Good weather means that contractors and their crews are able to do the outside work that they were hired to do over the winter. If you’re in a colder climate, everything from replacing windows to re-siding a house needs to be done when the weather is good. This can mean that you’ll pay a premium to have work done during warmer months when contractors are in great demand.
  • Market fluctuations: Not stock market fluctuations, but lumber and hardware market changes can affect the price of your remodel. The more demand there is, the more likely that prices will rise. In the spring and summer, when all of those crews are buying up more materials, prices can rise. In the fall and winter, those prices tend to drop quickly.
  • Bring in the A-Team: In the spring and summer, you might not get the top contractors. This is simply because everyone is really busy. The best crews will likely go to the larger, higher-paying jobs. If that’s not you, you may not be able to hire the people you really want.
  • Be flexible: Weather can have a huge impact on contractors. A rainy day, or even one that is dangerously hot, can cost a contractor a day’s work. Of course, no one knows until the day before or so. If you tell them that you are very flexible, they may offer a discount to have the fill-in work and not lose an entire day’s pay.
  • Plan ahead: Swimming pools and outdoor decks can be installed in the fall and winter, although the work may take some time when it’s frosty. Unless the weather is really terrible or incredibly cold, work can get done and everything can be ready to enjoy when the weather warms up. And, as mentioned above, contractors will be glad to have work during those seasons that are usually less busy.

Find out When to Remodel

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