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How Much Does It Cost to Finish a Basement?

The Bottom Line on The Cost to Finish a Basement. Understand and budget for the costs to finish your basement before you start If you have an unfinished basement, your home has untapped potential. The applications for this below-ground space are nearly bottomless, and it’s often large enough to add considerable square footage to your… Read more »

Your Garage Remodel: How to Make It a (Re)Model of Efficiency

Remodeling your garage can increase your home’s living space—and value Teenage rock bands and tech startups aside, the garage can be a rather uninspired space. Its potential, however, is unlimited. Whether you want to turn your garage into a new bedroom, den or rec room, your options are plentiful. To achieve a custom, finished look… Read more »

Tips For Building An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen tips

If your home remodeling dream includes making the most of your outdoor living spaces, an outdoor kitchen can be a great place to start. Whether you build an extravagant kitchen that’s on par with your indoor kitchen or want more basic outdoor cooking capabilities, there are several aspects to consider as you’re planning. Site selection Where… Read more »

Tips for a Great Client Contractor Relationship

good client contractor relationship tips

A contractor’s skills, experience and qualifications are the most important factors in the success of your home improvement project, but the relationship you have throughout the process matters as well. What factors count in a good relationship with your home improvement contractor? Great communication, a detailed contract and reasonable expectations are some of the keys…. Read more »

How to Find the Best Time of Year for Home Renovations

Many people plan to have home remodeling work done at those times of year when it’s easier to be out of the house or while school and work schedules are less hectic, such as spring or summer. Good weather means that dinners can be cooked on the grill while the kitchen is being redone or… Read more »

Remodeling For The Future: Aging In Place

aging in place remodeling

Whether your retirement years are just around the corner or far in the future — or if you expect older family members to join your household someday — the home remodeling plans you make now should include accommodations for aging in place. If your plans involve extensive changes, think about consulting with general contractors and… Read more »

Tips For Better Closet Design

closet design tips contractor connection

From professionally customized storage systems to do-it-yourself options, improving your closet space can be key for an easier, more organized lifestyle, whether you’re planning to hire a remodeling contractor or simply upgrading your storage space. But what kind of improvements do you want to make? With so many choices spanning a wide variety of budget… Read more »

What To Know About Load-Bearing Walls

Load Bearing Walls

Load-bearing walls have a very important job to do: bear the load of anything above them. They transfer the weight of the house to the foundation and down into the earth. While you can make changes to a load-bearing wall, it’s not a task that should be done without prior planning. Load-bearing walls support the… Read more »