What to Think About for New Home Windows

Your choice of windows not only has a great impact on the look of your home — it also can affect your comfort and even your household budget. If your windows are drafty or no longer protect your home from the elements as well as they should, include new windows in your home remodeling plan: They can make your house more energy-efficient, attractive and less noisy.

Of course, making the decision to replace old windows is just the first step. There are many different types of windows to choose from when remodeling your home. From double-paned, sound-resistant choices to casement styles and energy-saving options, the key is to match both the quality and appearance of your new windows to the look of your home, as well as your needs.

Types of windows.
Window choices revolve around style and use. If you want windows that can be opened from both the top and bottom, double-hung windows may be for you. Casement-style windows open with an easy-to-operate crank. Windows can slide from side to side, tilt out, or utilize high-performance, specialized glass to protect your home from extreme climates as well as save on energy costs. Double-pane windows use two pieces of glass that insulate a home from both temperature fluctuations and noise.

Casement-style windows open outward, while awning windows allow in some light and air, but with their limited opening capacity, create a more private environment. Picture windows provide wide, unobstructed views but won’t open or close. Bay windows are a stylish option to replace a flat window and add more light from different angles, while jalousie windows work like a glass shutter and don’t completely seal, a fact to remember in extreme climates.

Shop for energy efficiency.
Along with choosing a window style that suits your home, energy efficiency is an important consideration. The most efficient windows usually are double-paned, but many window manufacturers use reflective films, tints, and low-e coatings to keep homes cooler and reduce heat loss. Window frames also play a role in efficiency. Vinyl and fiberglass frames provide better insulation than wood, non-insulated vinyl, aluminum, or steel.

When you remove old windows, it’s important that the installation and sealing of your new windows are done correctly, so windows are air- and watertight. A window’s energy efficiency, lifespan, and appearance are adversely affected if installation isn’t accurate.

Before you buy replacement windows for your home, research which windows are best at keeping out drafts and rain, reducing energy loss, and keeping your home quiet.

Let your contractor help with your decision.
If your new windows will be part of a home remodeling project, your contractor can offer guidance on the type of windows that are right for your structure and your climate. To find a contractor in your area, Contractor Connection’s free matching service is the easy way to ensure that you’re working with a pre-qualified, experienced pro. All of the contractors in our network have been extensively vetted and back their work with a five-year workmanship warranty. To find a contractor in your area and get a free, no-obligation estimate, just enter your ZIP code above to get started!

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