Temporary Housing for Service Providers

Welcome to Contractor Connection's aCCommodate Program, designed to fuel growth for both Temporary Housing Companies and Property Management Firms. Explore how our program, with its robust value proposition, empowers you to access opportunities, utilize valuable analytics, and bid for success. Join us on this journey to unlock growth and elevate your business.

Join Contractor Connection's Network of Service Providers for Insurance Claims

For Temporary Housing Companies

Connect With Insurance-Covered Temporary Housing Demands

When a home becomes uninhabitable due to events like tornadoes, floods, or other insured catastrophes, policyholders and their families urgently require temporary housing. Access this demand through Contractor Connection’s Temporary Housing Program, where hundreds of insurance carriers connect with you.

Bid on Opportunities

The aCCommodate program empowers temporary housing companies to bid on hundreds of opportunities involving insurance-covered losses and subsequent temporary housing needs. This level playing field enables companies to compete for business, showcase their strengths and capabilities, and drive business growth.

Analytics for Optimization

aCCommodate provides valuable analytics, offering insights into areas of success and opportunities for enhancement. By leveraging these analytics, temporary housing companies can make informed decisions, adapt to changing market conditions, and continuously optimize their services to meet the evolving needs of insurance carriers and policyholders.


For Property Management Firms

Key Information for Rental Property Owners

The typical booking period for flood claims spans 44 days, ensuring extended assistance during challenging times. In cases of house fire claims, policyholders can expect support for an average stay exceeding 160 days, providing long-term housing solutions. Furthermore, our guests primarily consist of families, not vacationers or party planners, often including your local neighbors. With an insurance-friendly approach, our program simplifies the process and fosters ease during insurance-covered housing transitions.

Increased Business Opportunities

Property management firms gain access to a vast network of housing opportunities, especially during high-demand periods. This leads to additional bookings and revenue, including lucrative long-term bookings that significantly boost profits.

Analytics for Growth

aCCommodate provides valuable analytics, offering insights into areas where property management firms can improve their offerings to secure more bookings. This data-driven approach gives them a competitive edge in the market and helps them thrive.

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How it works

aCCommodate connects Temporary Housing Companies and Property Management Firms with a network of housing opportunities, offering analytics and bidding options for successful growth.

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Reach out to our Recruitment Team at recruiting@contractorconnection.com to explore partnership opportunities.

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