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Crawford Contractor Connection provides contractor management services that consist of credentialing contractor service providers to meet a minimum level of requirements as determined by Contactor Connection in areas of financial stability, required insurance , and state license requirements. The Contractor Connection network is available to consumers in need of property repair or remodeling projects to assist in reducing the time required to locate a reliable service provider.

The following terms and conditions apply to all assignment request made through the Contractor Connection consumer service program.

Contractor Connection will attempt to match your request with a service provider in your area, but does not guarantee that a provider will be available for the service(s) requested. We reserve the right to decline service by any requesting party.

The service providers available through Contractor Connection are independent contractors and are not employed by Contractor Connection. Contractor Connection is not an agent of the service provider and is not responsible for the services or actions of any service provider. Therefore, should you retain the services of a service provider through Contractor Connection, your contractual agreement will be with the service provider. While Contractor Connection will endeavor to assist with any significant issues that are reported, Contractor Connection does not guarantee an ability to resolve all disputes.

By entering your information into the Contractor Connection system, you are acknowledging that Contractor Connection has permission to both retain this information for reference as well as release the information to one or more service providers. By providing this information to us, you are giving expressed consent to being contacted by Contractor Connection and/or selected service provider(s) via phone, email or other reasonable means. Contractor Connection makes no guarantees regarding the representation of service provider(s) or methods used to perform such services.

Service provider is responsible for providing a five year workmanship warranty from the date of completion of repairs. All warranty or repair disputes must be communicated to the service provider directly. Should the service provider not be responsive, Contractor Connection will provide some limited assistance in resolving any such disputes.

Any and all information obtained through access to this Contractor Connection web site is copyrighted by law and is the sole and exclusive property of Contractor Connection, and therefore cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent from Contractor Connection.


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