Your New Room Addition Is Built — What’s Next?

When your room addition contractor’s crews have left and you’re ready to move everything into your new living space, make sure the project is truly complete. Here are a few items to follow up on that will help ensure your room addition comes to a proper conclusion.

Do your own final inspection

Weeks after your construction project is finished and paid for in full is not the time to check to see if everything is in order. Take the time now to create a punch list of items that need the attention of your contractor. Make sure lighting and other electrical features are working, check all plumbing fixtures, closely inspect any trim work and walls, make sure windows open and close easily, and look for any minor damage to new materials (such as countertops) that may have occurred during construction.

Once your contractor has worked through the items on your list, have a final walk-through with him or her. Hold off on making your final payment until everything has been done to your satisfaction.

Check your contract

Particularly on a project that’s stretched over a couple of months or more, it’s easy to forget some of the finer details of your contract. Before you make your last payment to your contractor, read your contract to verify that everything that was promised has been delivered. Make sure change orders were accurately billed according to the terms of your contract as well.

Organize documents

The paperwork involved in a construction project may seem overwhelming, but keeping it organized and on file is important for several reasons. If conflicts arise, project documents may be the key to sorting them out; without them, you may not have anything to support your claims. Among the documents you should retain are all bills you’ve received and a record of all payments you’ve made; drawing and plans; manuals for any new equipment, systems or appliances; care instructions for new materials in your addition, such as flooring; and the names of subcontractors who worked on your job.

Review any warranties

In addition to the warranties that may come with appliances or other new products, make sure you have documentation on any warranties that your room addition contractor offered or specified in your original contract. Also review the contractor’s warranty to ensure that its conditions have been met and that nothing’s been done that would void the warranty’s terms.

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