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A Quick Guide To Planning A Home Addition

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Before you buy materials or start swinging a hammer, make sure you have a plan in place for your new home addition. Consider working with a home addition contractor to make sure you’ve thought of everything. The following tips can help you pull together a plan for success. Think about why you’re adding a room…. Read more »

Why Hire a Room Addition General Contractor Instead of DIY

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A room addition can add value to your home, alleviate the need for an expensive move, and increase your enjoyment of your living quarters. It’s a big project, with many moving parts, so it’s not a good candidate for a DIY project. The time and work required to handle every aspect of the project can… Read more »

Laundry Rooms Trends: Move Up in Home Remodeling Plans

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Laundry rooms are no longer an afterthought, having come a long way since they were tucked away in dark basement corners or unfinished spaces. From home improvement sites to remodeling forums, laundry rooms are being discussed as far more than just functional necessities. They’re becoming attractive spaces that make doing the laundry more pleasant and… Read more »

Tips for New Room Additions

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Building a room addition is usually a large investment of both money and time. Before you hire a room addition contractor or start your own DIY room addition project, consider the following tips for planning your new room.

Hidden Home Addition Costs to Know About Before You Start

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Some costs of a room addition are easy to identify: You know there will be fees for permits, the price of labor and material, and charges for change orders. But there are other expenses to factor in to the total cost of your new room. Here’s a list of the most common costs that may have an impact on your budget:

Your New Room Addition Is Built — What’s Next?

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When your room addition contractor’s crews have left and you’re ready to move everything into your new living space, make sure the project is truly complete. Here are a few items to follow up on that will help ensure your room addition comes to a proper conclusion.