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How to Find Local Contractors Near Me

find a local contractor near me

One of the most satisfying — and most stressful — things a homeowner can take on is a large renovation project. The difference between a job that makes you glad and one that gives you nothing but headaches is finding the right contractor. All renovations come with some problems. That’s the nature of the work. But with a good,… Read more »

Tips for a Great Client Contractor Relationship

good client contractor relationship tips

A contractor’s skills, experience and qualifications are the most important factors in the success of your home improvement project, but the relationship you have throughout the process matters as well. What factors count in a good relationship with your home improvement contractor? Great communication, a detailed contract and reasonable expectations are some of the keys…. Read more »

Tips For Remodeling Your Attic Space

attic remodeling tips

Looking for a smart way to gain more living space in your home? Remodeling your attic can add comfort and convenience without going to the expense of adding square footage your home. Your plans for an attic conversion must take into consideration your objectives for your space and your budget, of course, but with potential… Read more »

Laundry Rooms Trends: Move Up in Home Remodeling Plans

laundry rooms contractor connection

Laundry rooms are no longer an afterthought, having come a long way since they were tucked away in dark basement corners or unfinished spaces. From home improvement sites to remodeling forums, laundry rooms are being discussed as far more than just functional necessities. They’re becoming attractive spaces that make doing the laundry more pleasant and… Read more »

What to Think About for New Home Windows

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Your choice of windows not only has a great impact on the look of your home — it also can affect your comfort and even your household budget. If your windows are drafty or no longer protect your home from the elements as well as they should, include new windows in your home remodeling plan:… Read more »

Tips For Green Home Remodeling

green home remodeling tips contractor connection

Using eco-friendly or green materials and methods in home remodeling is growing in popularity. While it may not be feasible to create a completely green home when you’re remodeling rather than building new, there are many ways to make your plans more earth-friendly. Choose environmentally friendly materials. Research products that are certified as having a… Read more »

Lighten Up! The Benefits of Installing Skylights

Contractor Connection Skylight

If your home remodeling wish list includes bringing more light into your home, installing skylights may be the answer. Using skylights or solar tubes to increase natural light can bring the outdoors in and improve your sense of well being, even in the long days of winter. Unlike traditional windows, installing skylights help let in… Read more »

How To Recognize Home Improvement Scams

Recognize Contractor Scams

With the housing market showing recovery, home improvement scams are on the rise. Because construction work can be expensive, there’s often a lot at stake for a homeowner seeking the help of a contractor. Home improvement fraud can take many forms and it can be difficult to determine whether a contractor is an ethical professional…. Read more »

When to Hire a General Contractor

when do you need to hire a general contractor

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you may not think that a residential general contractor can add any value to your projects. For some types of projects, that’s certainly true, but for others, a good contractor is indispensable.

What To Ask When Hiring A General Contractor

hiring a general contractor

If you’re thinking of hiring a general contractor, knowing which questions to ask can make the difference between a job that’s well done, on time and on budget, and one that’s an ongoing source of conflict and stress. To help ensure you’re making the best choice, ask each of your potential contractors these questions:

Your General Contractor Is Done — Now What?

Contract Work Contractor Connection

So you’ve just used a general contractor for a home remodeling or room addition project and now the work is done. You have your furniture back in place, the dust swept away, and you’re enjoying your home’s new look or new space.