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Storm Damage? Hire A Contractor You Can Trust

Storm Damage Contractor Connection

Natural disasters can bring out the best in people, neighborhoods and communities as they work together to repair and rebuild. Unfortunately, such disasters can also bring out the worst: Unscrupulous contractors who take advantage of storm victims’ urgent need for help. With the potential for millions of homes along the East Coast to have been… Read more »

How to Choose Carpet Styles & Material

Carpeting Materials Contractor Connection

When you emerge from bed in the morning, do you want to sink your toes into luxurious softness? Then carpeting is for you! Besides its endearing softness, wall-to-wall carpeting provides insulation, sound-absorption, and slip resistance. When choosing carpeting from all of those samples on the showroom floor, hone in on material and style. Carpet Materials… Read more »

Types Of Flooring: What’s Old Is New Again

Terazzo Contractor Connection

From cork to terrazzo to linoleum, once-popular types of flooring are making a comeback thanks to their eco-friendliness, durability and design appeal. Whether your home is new or vintage, these flooring options will set it apart. Cork – A material that’s been used for centuries, cork is now a green building staple. Cork is an… Read more »

Tips For Successful Home Staging

successful home staging tips

When preparing your home to go on the market, consider the four c’s for making your home look its best to potential buyers: Clutter Clean Cosmetic Curb appeal Many homeowners will be able to tackle the four c’s themselves, although there is professional help available to augment those efforts. Try these easy and inexpensive home staging… Read more »

How To Choose Flooring

Choosing Flooring Contractor Connection

So many factors go into selecting the right type of flooring, from durability and budget to where it’s located in your home. Plus, it’s a choice you’ll likely have to live with for a long time. Before you hire a flooring contractor, assess your needs and get familiar with what’s available on today’s market.

How to Find (and Hire) the Right Flooring Contractor

hire a new flooring contractor

Hiring the right flooring installer is as important as choosing the right flooring material. The quality of installation plays a great role in how well your flooring looks and how it performs over time. Selecting a highly qualified flooring contractor is the first step to ensuring long-term satisfaction with your new floors.

Floor Cleaner & Maintenance Tips for Your New Flooring

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Get the most of the investment you made in having a flooring contractor install brand-new floors with regular care and maintenance. Here are several tips to help you keep the type of flooring you have looking good for years to come: