How Kitchen Remodeling Budgets Go Over

A kitchen remodeling project is only exciting and fun until it starts to expand beyond the budgetary borders you’ve set. Going over budget occurs far too often, leaving homeowners in distress over how they’ll finish their projects while still managing to keep food on the table and pay the bills.

On average, homeowners recoup only about 65% of their major kitchen remodeling costs in a resale, so going over budget can trigger some pretty serious consequences.

So that doesn’t happen to you, here are the four most common budget-killing pitfalls that homeowners encounter during kitchen remodeling.

1. Unexpected kitchen remodeling structural issues.

Homes have a sneaky way of harboring surprises (not the good kind, either). You’d be surprised at how many kitchen remodels have gone over budget simply because homeowners unearthed a can of worms when they took out a wall, uncovered old plumbing, or took up the floor to reveal costly problems like rotting beams, out-of-code wiring or plumbing, pest infestations. Older homes may also have hidden issues with asbestos or lead paint.

2. Spending too much on kitchen appliances.

Shopping for gleaming new appliances can be a lot of fun, and may even be what prompted you to get into kitchen remodeling in the first place. But what most homeowners don’t realize is that today’s appliances are built with technology and capability that’s light years beyond their imagination … or their needs.

Rarely are top-of-the-line appliances necessary, unless you have money that you just have to get rid of. Mid-range appliances these days are plenty feature-rich, so don’t pass them over when you’re out shopping for your new dream kitchen.

3. Too many kitchen upgrades.

During the course of planning your kitchen, you’re bound to come across more than a few opportunities to choose higher-priced materials or equipment. Your countertops, your flooring, and especially your cabinets are all subject to some serious upgrade options so be careful. Remember to be choosy when it comes to upgrading, and only do so where it really counts for you and your family. If you have your heart set on that high-end backsplash tile, look for other areas where you can cut costs so that you can keep your overall budget in line.

4. Changing your mind during a remodel.

A small change, such as a different color of paint, may not budge your budget, but making changes in finishes or materials in the middle of the project can quickly increase costs. Significant alterations to the room’s layout or simply moving an island a few inches can slow or halt work, which can also affect your budget.

Tame your budget with the help of a pro.

An experienced kitchen remodeling contractor can be the key to keeping your project on schedule and within your budget. At Contractor Connection, all of the contractors in our nationwide network have already been vetted for their qualifications, including having the proper licensing and insurance. Our matching service is free, and every contractor’s workmanship is warranted for a full five years. Find a contractor in your local area now by entering your ZIP code above.

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