Thought Leader Series: Adding a Wet Bar? Don’t Forget…

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Many people dream of having a bar in their home for not only their own use, but also for entertaining guests. The addition of running water for drinks, making ice, and cleanup away from the kitchen makes a wet bar a great addition for any home. Whether a homeowner enlists the help of a home improvement contractor or decides to take the reigns of the project themselves, there are several things a one should investigate while designing their bar that can greatly impact the design and cost of the project.


Running water included in a bar design allows homeowners to have the flexibility to add several appliances:

    • Dishwasher: The inclusion of a dishwasher allows for the cleaning of glasses, dishes and general bar utensils in place. They don’t have to be brought to the kitchen which may be located in a completely different part of the house. A trip to the kitchen to find a bottle opener or extra stemware will never be needed because everything stays at the bar.
  • Ice Maker: Ice is a necessity of any bar setup to be used with drinks. Running water gives the homeowner the ability to install a refrigerator with an ice maker. This eliminates the need to run to the kitchen to get ice.


The cabinetry will define the look and feel of the bar. Homeowners adding a wet bar to their home should think about the inclusion of overhead lighting, glassware holders, and storage, as well as where the appliances will be located.

Electrical Work

The addition of lighting or appliances may require some alterations of the home’s electrical system. Extra outlets may be required. A entirely separate circuit might be needed to handle the extra electrical load.

Plumbing Work

The addition of running water to a bar renovation project requires a drain. A plumber will need to be involved to hook the bar into the home’s water drainage system.

Concrete Work

Depending upon the location of the bar within the home, concrete may need to be removed to allow for the installation of the drain plumbing. Once the plumbing is in place, new concrete will need to be laid to complete the floor.

Dry Wall and Paint

If the location of the bar renovation is adjacent to an unfinished room, the plumbing and electrical work should be fairly easy. However, chances are there will be wall or ceiling work to be done once the electrical, plumbing and cabinetry work is complete.

Adding a wet bar can be exciting remodeling project for a homeowner. It can add value and functionality to a home. By considering these very important aspects of the project, a homeowner can ensure they are fully aware of exactly what to expect in terms of work done and the cost and ensure they get the wet bar they’ve been dreaming about. Since a wet bar has many of the same components of a kitchen, a completed wet bar project may even give a homeowner some kitchen remodeling ideas!

Are you thinking about adding a wet bar to your home? Click here to get inspiration for creating your own design!

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