Fixing Up House to Sell with Home Remodeling

If your home is looking a bit dated or if it qualifies as a fixer-upper, expect it to take longer to sell and perhaps not fetch as much as a turn-key property. Tackling home remodeling projects can be off-putting to many busy people while others find it difficult to envision a home’s potential. For these reasons, it can take time to find the right buyer. Remodeling your home prior to putting it on the market will help it sell more quickly and for top dollar.

When deciding on which changes to make, recouping the costs of the remodel is an important consideration, but so is selling your home quickly. Minor remodeling will make your home appear more attractive. Major remodeling will help get your home in top condition.

Do some research before starting any remodeling. Compare asking prices of other homes in your neighborhood. Note the difference in price for those that need work and those that have been updated. Attend open houses to get an idea of what a new or newly remodeled home has to offer. Make a list of all the updates that your home needs, then hone in on the ones that will make the biggest difference while remaining cost effective. Avoid luxury or custom products and select colors, fixtures and finishes that are simple and neutral.

Minor Home Remodeling Ideas to Sell House

Paint – invest in fresh coats of paint for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Improve Curb Appeal – make a good first impression with landscaping and front entry elements such as an attractive porch light and a new front door.

Install New Lighting – install modern, energy-efficient lighting.

Plumbing Fixtures – refit sinks, tubs and showers with new faucets.

Update Flooring – replace old, worn carpet and vinyl; sand and polish hardwood floors.

Desirable Features & Home Trends – many of today’s homebuyers have wish lists that include granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and double sinks in the master bath. Adding these amenities will attract positive attention.

Major Home Remodeling Ideas to Sell House

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels – these rooms become dated more quickly than any other rooms in a house and can hold up a sale. Mid-range make-overs will appeal to most homebuyers.

Master Suite – a master bedroom that includes an attached bathroom, plenty of closet space and a sitting area will add value.

Bathroom Addition – older homes often have just one bathroom. Adding a bathroom – even a half bath – is a sound investment for today’s market.

Laundry room – if your washer and dryer are in the garage or basement, carve our space for a laundry room. A closet can be refurbished to house a stack unit and some shelves for laundry supplies.

Repair or Replace Sidingreplacing old, worn siding can transform the look of the home.

Home Heating & Major Systems – it can be a relief to sell your home without having to replace a major system, but an aging roof or furnace can easily become a sticking point with buyers.

Call in a home remodeling pro to get your house sold for top dollar.

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