6 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small-scale or large, bathroom remodeling can pay great dividends.

A small bathroom is the perfect canvas for adding a fresh look to your home. You can use the size limitations to your advantage, choosing higher-priced materials since you have less wall and floor space to cover. Powder rooms offer even greater opportunities to experiment with new, dramatic styles.

Here are 6 ideas for remodeling your small bath:

#1: Use space-saving fixtures

There’s a difference between a small sink and one that’s designed to conserve space. Pedestal sinks are classic small bath fixtures, or you can go with a corner sink to make the most of the square footage. Toilets and bathtubs come in space-saving dimensions, too, where even an inch of width makes a difference without affecting functionality.

#2: Choose a single focal point

One of the biggest mistakes in a small bath is avoiding dramatic features. They can work perfectly as long as you keep them from overtaking the whole room. Ceiling-to-floor metallic tiles make a beautiful backdrop behind the sink. Or use a bold mirror with an elaborate, gilt frame. Large pieces make a small space look special, just limit them to one or two.

#3: Think minimalist

The streamlined look of some décor themes is ideal for a tiny bathroom. Asian style, for example, focuses on less ornamentation and more open space. Urban loft design has the same idea, with its sleek metals, straight lines and few fussy details.

#4: Scale back cabinetry

The bathroom isn’t like the kitchen, where you need deep cupboards and plenty of them. Bathroom cabinetry can work just as well if it’s not quite as deep. Shallower cupboards leave more floor space open, which This Old House says avoids tight quarters, but still makes the room look well appointed with plenty of storage.

#5: Select small-scale flooring

Some flooring can make a small bathroom look even tinier. That’s what happens when you install 12-inch or larger floor tiles or wide planks. A better route is to go with small tiles, such as vintage-inspired penny tiles or small-scale basketweave in marble. Another small-scale look that’s a bit more modern is penny tiles in cork. They’re softer and warmer underfoot, too.

#6: Plan a new layout

You aren’t stuck with the floor plan you have, says HGTV. The builder might have arranged your small bath in the most convenient way for his plumber instead of the best way for living. Get some graph paper and draw out the room’s boundaries. Inside them, anything goes. If your budget allows, plumbing can be rerouted and fixtures can be moved. You might find that by swapping places with the vanity and bathtub, you gain a more functional bathroom.

Small bathrooms might be short on floor space, but they can still be functional and beautiful. Instead of looking at the small square footage as a hurdle to overcome, try to imagine ways that you can enhance it and make it a better version of its current self.

If you’re ready for a small bathroom remodel, the first thing that you need is a great contractor. Let Contractor Connection help you find the right one by downloading our mobile app today.

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