The Basics

Contractor Connection is a national leader of home renovation and repair. With more than 4,500 top-quality contractors in its network across the United States and Canada, Contractor Connection matches you with the best professional for your project.

Contractor Connection takes away the hassle of having to meet with multiple contractors and go through the exhausting vetting process. All contractors in our network and their employees must undergo a background check, be financially stable and have the proper licensing and insurance. Contractor Connection holds its contractors accountable not only through its stringent credentialing process but also through ongoing performance management. When you use Contractor Connection, you can have the peace of mind your project will be completed on time with the highest quality possible, and it will be done by a contractor you can trust.

No. Contractor Connection is absolutely free. You only pay your contractor for their services after the project is completed.

With Contractor Connection, you only work with one contractor, whereas with other referral services will sell your lead to multiple contractors, bring you the hassle of having to take phone calls from all of them. And our contractors are put through a rigorous credentialing process and their performance is managed, whereas many other companies do not require that of their contractors. We also protect you by requiring all of our contractors to stand behind their work with a three-year warranty.


Simply enter your ZIP code in the box at the top of the page and click “Find A Contractor”. The available services in your area will pop up, and you will be able to select your project. Once you are finished entering your contact information and project details, agree to our terms and conditions and your request will be complete. Once your request has been submitted, keep your project number to track your project’s progress.

Your contractor will contact you within 24 hours and schedule an appointment to review your project. Once you meet with your contractor, they should provide you with an estimate within five days. After you approve the estimate, work on the project will promptly begin.

Yes. Contractor Connection is designed for mid-size to larger renovations or repairs. Smaller “handyman” projects like painting a door, pressure washing the driveway, small plumbing leaks, etc., should not be submitted.

Most of the time, no. There are certain large projects where a deposit might be required, however, you should never provide a deposit more than 50 percent or pay in full before work is completed or if you’re not satisfied. If your project does require a deposit, make sure a detailed explanation of the deposit is provided in your contract.

Upon your request, and after all efforts by you and the contractor to mediate a dispute have been exhausted, Contractor Connection’s Issue Resolution department will assist in the resolution process.