All Breakout Sessions are Tuesday June 11, 2019:
1:00PM – 1:45PM; 2:00PM – 2:45PM; 3:00PM – 3:45PM; 4:00PM – 4:45PM CST; unless otherwise noted.

A Brokers Perspective: Differentiation to Stimulate Revenue and Retain Customers
Presenter: AON

During this time of economic uncertainty, catastrophic events continue to cause mass devastation which demand contractor services to repair and rebuild. Larger corporations whose exposure spans nationally or internationally rely on business continuity and poorly managed claim events impact not only operations (potentially on a global scale) but also risk to reputation. These clients and their insurers are keenly aware of the value contractors deliver in loss mitigation and are discerning with the firms they partner with to efficiently resume their business. Join Aon representatives to gain insights on differentiating your company to the commercial insurance carrier community and delivering customer service excellence to enable future growth.

Create a Profitable, Scalable Growth Strategy For Your Restoration Business
Presenter: Business Mentors

This session will identify steps companies can make to create a scalable, profitable and growing company. We will review individual and departmental KPI’s that drive organizational success. After working with 100’s of restoration companies over the past 20 years, we have identified foundational issues that facilitate profitable growth. We will identify the critical issues that restoration companies need to work on TODAY in order to minimize growing pains.

How to Attract, Hire and Keep Great Employees in This Competitive Talent Market
Presenter: Smart Moves

The labor market is the most competitive it’s been in decades. To avoid business-crippling talent shortages, employers are having to make candidate experience top priority—or, risk falling behind in the war for talent. If you have a high-churn hourly workforce, you don’t want to miss this breakout session. We will discuss talent acquisition challenges including millennial issues, drop-off, and improving your candidates’ hiring experience. We will also share insight on how to adapt to the current labor market and how to “stand out” as an employer of choice.

IICRC Standards Overview
Presenter: IICRC

Please join IICRC Standards Director, Mili Washington, as she covers the IICRC Standards’ process and defines the role of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in standards development. Mili will briefly review current and upcoming standards and how one can get involved as a Consensus Body member. If time permits, a live demonstration of the IICRC Standards Subscription website will complete the course.

Leveraging POMS to accelerate performance
Presenter: Kimberly Burdi & Ron Coalts - Contractor Connection

This session will provide an in depth review and insight into the key performance elements that can improve your Performance Objective Monitoring System (POMS) scoring. Participate in discussion with Contractor Connection District Managers and learn more about each performance measurement, how these may be impacted, and how you can implement operational objectives to elevate your score and network success.

Maximize Your Opportunities – Performance Based Assignment Methodology
Presenter: Jessica Hollo & Omar Hurtado de Mendoza - Contractor Connection

Contractor Connection’s new Assignment by Performance process is a game changer. How does your company master that process, so you can maximize your opportunities to RESTORE? Join Contractor Connection management as we go through a comprehensive look at the Assignment by Performance process. We will take you through the workings of the updated assignment rotation and show you where you have the opportunity to positively impact the process.

Situational Leadership
Presenter: Violand

One of the most challenging issues facing today’s service-based organizations is developing and retaining top talent. Those who are most successful in talent management are able to do so because they have the skills to be “situational leaders.” Whether working with new recruits or tenured professionals, situational leaders give their people exactly what they need, when they need it, while providing the correct amount of direction and support to enable their team members to succeed. They know how to develop competent, self-reliant contributors who are productive and deliver results.

Tips For Estimating Accuracy
Presenter: Contractor Connection - Contractor Panel

Listen to top performing contractors and Contractor Connections Estimate Review team discuss estimate preparation best practices and the importance of telling your story through documentation. During this session you’ll hear tips and tricks for delivering a consistently accurate and documented estimate which will not doubt springboard you to success with both Carriers and Estimate Review. Topics will include best practices on structuring your estimate, presenting a difficult case during a complex claim, Estimate Review best practices, and many other critical components that can make your estimate successful.