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Storm Damage? Hire A Contractor You Can Trust

Storm Damage Contractor Connection

Natural disasters can bring out the best in people, neighborhoods and communities as they work together to repair and rebuild. Unfortunately, such disasters can also bring out the worst: Unscrupulous contractors who take advantage of storm victims’ urgent need for help. With the potential for millions of homes along the East Coast to have been… Read more »

What To Do When You Have A Roof Leak

fix leaking roof contractor connection

Summer often means lazy days, picnics, fireworks, cool dips in the lake … and roof leaks. When summer’s downpours and thunderstorms hint at roof problems, taking action immediately can prevent most costly repairs or replacement down the road. Here’s what you can do when you have a roof leak: Finding the roof leak – The… Read more »

Tips For Successful Home Staging

successful home staging tips

When preparing your home to go on the market, consider the four c’s for making your home look its best to potential buyers: Clutter Clean Cosmetic Curb appeal Many homeowners will be able to tackle the four c’s themselves, although there is professional help available to augment those efforts. Try these easy and inexpensive home staging… Read more »

Choosing Roofing Materials for Durability

Durable Roofing Materials & Roofing Options Explored

When the rumble of distant thunder fills you with dread and a downpour has you scurrying for buckets to catch the leaks, then it’s inevitable: time for a new roof. How long that new roof keeps you feeling cozy and snug largely depends on the roofing material you choose. Durability is a significant factor when… Read more »

Time For A New Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know

Contractor Connection New Roof Remodel

A new roof is an important and costly purchase. Not only does it have a large impact on your home’s appearance — it’s also one of the most critical factors in the integrity of your home’s structure. Before you begin calling roofing contractors, get up to speed on roofing costs, materials and installation.

How To Choose A Qualified Roofing Contractor

choosing a qualified roofing contractor

Before you make the significant investment in a new roof, know what to look for in a roofing contractor. There’s more to quality roofing than meets the eye, so don’t let low prices or advertising be the deciding factors when you’re ready to hire.

Keep Up on Your Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Although a brand-new, properly installed roof is designed to last for decades, you can help make sure that yours does just that with regular inspections. Knowing which factors affect the performance of your roof and which minor maintenance tasks you can do yourself will go a long way toward keeping your new roof in great condition.