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Survival Tips After a Home Disaster

Home Disaster Prevention Contractor Connection

Disaster Survival Tips A home disaster can include fires or floods that strike suddenly, overwhelming unfortunate homeowners. If you’ve suffered a disaster that damaged your home, the first thing to do is determine whether it’s safe to stay in your home while repairs are taking place. Here’s what to consider when making that decision, and… Read more »

Home Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

Home fire safety tips & prevention with smoke detectors

Infographic: Fire Home Safety Tips & Facts The risk of a home fire rises during cooler weather, but it can be a threat year-round. From space heaters placed too close to flammable materials, to forgotten stove burners left on and unattended, there are a number of potential fire dangers in the average home. The good… Read more »

Wood Stove And Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Home Improvment

If you want to feel cozy, nothing beats curling up in front of a fireplace or a wood-burning stove when temperatures outside drop. But as comforting as a warm fire makes us feel, there are some risks. Luckily, it only takes a few simple precautions to protect your family and home so that you can… Read more »

How To Hire A Home Restoration Contractor

Home Restoration Storm Damage

The best contractors are highly sought after and it can be difficult to get on their schedules. That’s why, when you need a home restoration contractor for major repairs after a disaster, it’s tempting to just go with whomever you can get the fastest. Resist falling into that trap. Disasters and home repairs are stressful… Read more »

Fire Damage Restoration Tips to Know Now

house fire restoration

With record droughts plaguing parts of the United States, fire is becoming an all-too-common threat for homeowners. Should your home get caught in an out-of-control wildfire or fall victim to a more common kitchen or electrical fire, you’ll want to contact a house fire restoration expert and take your own action to remediate the damage…. Read more »

Home Safety & Maintenance Tips to Prevent Home Disasters

prevent common home disasters

“If only” … how many times have we prefaced our regrets with an “if only” statement? Many common home disasters fall under this category as they can easily be prevented through routine maintenance, inspection and upkeep. How to Protect Your Home with Home Safety Tips Follow this advice to keep those “if only” homeowner’s regrets… Read more »

Infographic: Fire Damage Repair Tips and Facts

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